Bloomies – Everyday Affordable blooms

I had recently celebrated my birthday,  and what better thing to receive than flowers (and you know stuff from Sephora lol) ok just kidding :)

I’ll like to thank Sarah & Joan for the petite blue hydrangea bouquet they sent my way from their new brand Bloomies,

Bloomies was born out of the desire to bring the joy of receiving flowers to as many people as possible. Having been in the floral business since 2015, these lady bosses behind Fleuriste are bringing us a line of everyday bouquets, perfect for letting your loved ones know that they’re on your mind.

​Or for occasions like teachers days, secretary’s day and more! Cos you know- putting a smile on your loved one’s face should not be expensive and there is no better way to do so than with pretty everyday bouquets. DSC_0056 DSC_0071

Gorgeous aren’t they ? Wished they’ll last forever.

Cool fact: The Eustomas in my bouquet was very lasting and I kept them for over a week-  so were the foilages – I still have my dusty millers in a jar along with the other foilages. Amazing how long they last?  That’s 12 days now!

The hydrangeas however – perhaps due to my lack of knowledge in how to care for them -lasted 2 days lololollol.

p.s. bloomies has this really cute old school snack bouquet which is real unique! What a fun thing to gift.

If my husband still reads my blog at all – Hun- You know – you can send me flowers every month! ahem haha