Baking with Audra Morrice from Masterchef Australia @ Sugar Inc

The final episode of MasterChef Australia Season 4 airs on the 5th of Sept on Lifetime Channel.

MasterChef Australia Season 4
StarHub TV Ch. 514

Weekdays at 7pm, same-day repeat at 11pm.
Here are some snaps from my recent Master Class with Audra where Audra shared her recipe on her wonderful Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Cherry Port Jelly. You must have seen it on the episode where Audra had to make desserts without eggs. Despite her difficulties, she won the judges over with her now famous chocolate tart.

Here’s a peek at the recipe. I’ll do a proper scan to share with you guys :)

Here’s wonderful Audra teaching us how to roll with it! :)

Our wonderful ingredients – including gold standard gelatine , 70% cocoa baking chocolate, lots of butter, caster sugar and more.

Here’s our wonderful team with our pretty chocolate ganache tart. It was funny how we were color coordinated that day. Audra’s here with us (Except that someone else was speaking to her. uh oh)

Ok back to the top: This is how we roll

Mixing the flour for the pastry

Flattening it

Putting it onto the baking tin, Yeah team work :)

Removing the excess tart from the corners of the tin.

Making chocolate ganache

By double boiling this on a induction cooker :)

Yay here’s our ready baked tart (After we removed the baking beads which we used to blind bake the tart) FYI you can also use rice or beans to do so.

It’s time to make some raspberry syrup/puree by boiling these (with glucose)

The fresh raspberries on the other hand, went on top of the tart :)

We emptied a fresh vanilla bean into the cream and fluffed it to make fresh cream which was oh so heavenly. Sherry port + gelatine + caster sugar went on top of the chocolate ganache. Twas a match made in heaven really….


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The Providore ; Food We Adore



315 Outram Road 6221 7056.

Open 10am-8pm daily.
Instagram @TheProvidore

In the sprawling Tan Boon Liat Building a stone’s throw from the eclectic tiong bahru area, lies The Providore – a food and wine lovers paradise and if you will – gourmet food store.

The Providore, is by Bruce Chapman and Robert Collick, who also started Jones the Grocer but has since sold the business off. They chose Singapore as their base, as it is home to one of the most food-loving cultures in the world. There are plans to e-retail these products too, as well as to expand into Japan in 2014.

Look out for craft beers like Hitachino from Japan and New Zealand’s Monteiths, Sydney’s famous ice cream sandwiches from Pat and Stick’s, as well as some of the  globally sourced products including freshly-roasted coffee, exquisite tea blends, jams, relishes, sauces, chocolate, cheese and more. The company is set to launch The Providore Mandarin Gallery Cafe (#02-05/06/07 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd.) this July, a dining spot serving up quality brunches and more good food!

As someone who will happily have bread for all my 3 meals , I was extremely delighted to have been introduced to BAO bakery bread, by Christophe Grilo (this pain au chocolat is as good as it gets, on par with tiong bahru bakery.)  I guess you can trust a french with bread! it is almost a national pastime.

Here’s Christophe your friendly bread maker :) who spoke to us at length about browning butter before baking to make it more aromatic.

Oh and Pat and Stick’s ice cream sandwich ( made basically out of  a chuck of ice cream in between sinful slabs of cookies) was nothing short of fantastic, I sank my teeth into their Double choc made of  Rich, dark Belgian chocolate ice cream with their soft and chewy choc-fudge cookie. mmmm.

The winner however as Caramel Pecan : Imagine rich caramel ice cream with a crunchy nutty pecan cookie – the perfect union of sweet and salty. Once only available in Sydney – how lucky are we to have it here!

Coffee from Toby’s Estate


An amazing focaccia loaf… from BAO. Bakery. Artisan. Original (which incidentally means buns in chinese.)

So my appetite was whet and I got adventurous – venturing onto the cheese section.

I learnt that you can mask/ tame the sharpness of things like blue /goat cheeses with a dap of fig jam. These two are the perfect companions for a party in your………mouth. :)

I love my cheese. (Except for the sheep cheese on the charcoal biscuit which I gamely tried but didn’t take to well too)

I also took home a bag full of surprises.

Including Sicilian lemon biscuits made by hand in San Guiliano using fresh fruit cultivated on the estate – Note that they do not use colors, preservatives nor artificial flavors.

Beetroot and Orange Relish (for use with Pate, Cheeses or with cured meats….honestly can’t wait). , Pink Grapefruit Marmalade (handcut fruit using traditional methods), and almost like it was made for me – I got a can of french earl grey! My favourite tea..

I love the fact that The Providore has chosen to work with locals by producing roasted coffee blends packed in Singapore, as well as commissioning local design studios for creative work. They work with local rosters from Toby’s Estate, custom blend their teas in Singapore, and carry lots of produce from boutique producers in Australia.

What to expect: complimentary tea and coffee during visits, as well as lots of food samplings. Daily tea sampling.

And some of these:







Interesting fact:

Robert’s dad, a retired University professor was The Providore’s proof reader.

The Providore stocks quite a variety of gluten free products :)


This broke my heart – Koalas and deforestation :(

Original story via Courier Mail Au

This puzzled koala was discovered sitting on a pile of shredded bark and sawdust – a place it once inhabited – after forestry workers felled trees in NSW’s Vittoria State Forest, halfway between Bathurst and Orange in the state’s west.

“Koalas would have been moved out of their homes in preparation for planned logging activities,” WIRES NSW general manager Leanne Taylor said.

“It is common for koalas to roam back to their home range afterwards and become confused to find nothing there.

“A worker noticed a koala had been sitting stationary in broad daylight on top of wood piles for over an hour.”

Ms Taylor said the male koala was taken to a local vet and later released near an established koala colony.

And in other news – glowing millipedes found on alcatrax island :)

Read more about that here