Our 1st wedding anniversary

It was our 1st wedding anniversary last week and we decided to invite our bridal entourage for brunch because they were what made it possible! My initial thoughts were to have it at home but I was frankly dreading the cleaning up process hahahha so then I decided to hold it over a yummy and cozy sunday brunch at Au Petit Salut at Harding Road …near dempsey hill. The food was faultless mostly and they even served bread that was gluten free so that’s a plus. No pork so it was great since I had guests who were halal :) Service was also very personalized and overall I was very happy that the restaurant went all out to accommodate me first by allowing me to bring my cake and decor in. And then even providing us plates when I wanted to serve my guests cake, tho I was already armed with a pack of serviettes. <3 Thank you Michael, Dee Dee and team.

The location – was a little tricky to find but it was perfect! Quiet and nestled within lots of greenery which was further beautified by these eucalyptus table centerpieces made by Floral Garage. Just so you know most of the pictures here are candids …which I guess are pretty obvious.

Floral garage offers so much more than just flowers – they have helium balloons on vines,  which are perfect for weddings and totally instagramable! And they have unique stuff such as a veggie bouquet perfect for you know mother dearest? I mean how ingenious is that. DSC_0023

Here I am pictured : Nursing a migrane (yup true story… )

I’ll like to thank Jacob and his team at Floral Garage for being very so patient with me while I was planning my party – accepting my venue changes and decor brief which had to be re-imagined since I had certain restrictions with the venue. I was amused when some of my guests (and i mean this in a good way) couldn’t keep their hands off the table centerpieces! They were sniffing it, pressing the seeded eucalyptus and more. 😉 The thing about green leafy centerpieces are that they are so lasting! And these eucalyptus can also be dried and use in a dried floral arrangement <3.

Pardon the wayward parting of my hair in this next photo -_- but I was having a moment here with my childhood pals :)

DSC_0112 DSC_0089

Floral Garage:

Call: +65 6282 2813
What’s App: +65 9387 8871
From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays. Should you need to contact them outside of operation hours you may via email.
Email: service@floralgaragesg.com
Web: https://floralgaragesg.com/

DSC_0012 DSC_0008

I’m also super glad I found Monicebakes and her super yummy cakes! Located in the east, she does both delivery and self collection. Wished I still stayed in the east lol.DSC_0006 DSC_0016

Yep: I basically didn’t want the “Happy Anniversary” written on the cake as it’s a lil too cliche /boring so I tot I would have Monice inscribe “J&J Est 2016” on the cake for me – hahahhahaha a lil cheesy but I very much prefer that.

I picked her chocolate banana cake which was moist and delish (in fact I would say its as good as the ones I have had from awfully chocolate! if not better) – plus it is super beautiful!!!

Monice had put so much effort into making these cake toppers as well as designing the treebark sides of the cake for me. If you hadn’t already guessed the theme was woodland forest :) there’s even mini toadstools and ‘moss’. Awwww

Frankly when it comes to artistic endeavours I think it is always great to place full trust in your vendor to deliver their best – hence I didn’t have to give much art direction at all to Monice heheheh and did she surprise meeee :) DSC_0017

Her charges are super reasonable too for this 7inch cake. Less than $100 for my design.  But as with all customized stuff please check with her on her charges since it differs from designs to flavors and more.

Just check out the detailing…. this is way better than say a pricy 3D fondant cake if you asked me! Since most of this is delicious and edible! Some fondant cakes are fancy yes but hard to eat at times. I do enjoy wholesome buttercream! It reminds me of those old school buttercream cakes which you can get from traditional bakeries heheh.

For those who are keen to order / self collect – Monicebakes is located in the east :) specifically at bedok reservoir view.

Her contact details are:

Email: monice.bakes@gmail.com
Contact via whatsapp/text: ​+65 98150022

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/monicebakes
Instagram: @monicebakes #monicebakes
Self Collection: Bedok Reservoir View [Clearwater condo]

Monice also bakes mini cupcakes, as well as regular sized ones. Pictured here are the 3D floral cupcakes she made for my party! They are bite sized, vanilla cupcakes. I love them! They aren’t too sweet, and are just the right size for adults you know? Yes I know the irony – adults eating tiny mini cakes but i think thats generally how most of my friends like it – not too sweet! DSC_0015 DSC_0014Monicebakes minicupcakes

For the simplest design featuring a single colored 2d rosette – They are priced once again very reasonably :) Can’t wait to order more of these for my next event!

I’m keeping most of my friends’ and their identities a secret as I think most of them very much prefer to be out of the spotlight lol.