What dreams are made off

My girl pal Melissa got married earlier this month, and like how Indonesians do it. Opulence and Extravagance are the words.

The bunch of us flew to Jakarta’s Mulia for the 1st wedding reception and then Surabaya 2 days later. We had Agnes Monica (and because of that probably a huge part of Indonesia was crashing the wedding).

If you’re attending a wedding in Indonesia: It’s interesting to note 90% of the ladies will be in long gowns there. But most will change into a party outfit for the after party which is also a common part of a wedding held there. Don’t be afraid to go OTT with the hair, big hair is the way to go hahaha. I was pretty tamed and went for just curls on both occasions.

My orange gown and pastel pink one were both from Forever New but many of our other friends chose to tailor make theirs.

Mel’s Jakarta wedding had 3.5K guests and her Surabaya wedding had about 2.5k.That’s a whooping 6000 people. The cake was gorgeous and crystal entrusted, so were her Louboutins. And the decoration was sooooo pretty. Photography and videography were done by Axioo which I heard is the top in Indonesia. Have a look – www.axioo.com/ … their photos took my breath away.lt’s a nice option to consider apart for our local Moomedia which alot of people hope to have the budget for LOL.

Since we are on this topic already, if anyone likes photography by Livestudios and the Willy Foo team, I’ll like to say that one of his long time staff, Christopher Xie has since gone independent. Chris takes great pictures. His portfolio can be found at http://www.facebook.com/Chrisxie1985

I leave you with our candid snaps taken during the whirlwind 4 days across Indonesia featuring our Motley Crue/ Entourage made out of people like Esther Quek, the fashion director of The Rake, Eduardo…. (need i say much?), Langan & Phil (all you Mink and Filter peeps should know), my BFF adeline, childhood friend Michelle and Jeansmith Kenny Lohwey, RWS head of make up June, Make Up Forever Trainer, Cheryl Ow.

What’s your dream wedding like?

Mine would probably be a small affair, with flowers, lots of flowers. A live jazz band, popcorn and candy floss, and a dance floor!