Launch of The Glenlivet Back In Time watch by Azimuth @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Whenever I get an invitation to a whiskey event –  I hardly bring myself to say no. Let alone whiskey paired with watches. Glenlivet and Azimuth comes together to launch “Back In Time” , a swiss watch from Azimuth by Singaporean Mr. Alvin Lye.

Alvin is the owner of Monster Time, a boutique that trades vintage watches at Far East Plaza . Just last year, The Glenlivet nominated Alvin as its recipient of the Glenlivet Pioneering Spirit for 2012. This Pioneering Spirit campaign recognizes unique, trailblazing Singaporeans who have stood out in their field and made a difference in the community they serve.

Strangely though, it wasn’t watches that Alvin started with in the beginning. “I stumbled upon this trade because I used to buy and sell antique coins over the internet to help pay for my university fees,” confesses Alvin. “A friend then asked me to try selling watches, so I dwelled in it a little and just got further and further into it till I found myself setting up a website to sell them!”

That website was Time Antiques which Alvin started in 1996. It was at the time, one of the few websites in the world that dealt with watches. Seven years later, he set up ‘Monster Time’ to focus on pre-owned contemporary watches and eventually merged the two businesses to Monster Time Vintage Watches.

The Azimuth has a watch whose movement goes backward on the watch dial. Rather novel. I was alot more interested in the vintage displays that night showcasing your JLCs, Rolex and a few obsecure but old watch brands. I really loved the mystery watch piece (which functions similarlly to how a cartier mystery clock would),  really cool.

And then came the highlight of the night – Tasting The Glenlivet Single Malt Whiskeys . From the 12 year old vintage, all the way up to the 25. We had Mr. Rajan Menon from Pernod Ricard to impart his whiskey appreciation knowledge to us.

We were taught to nose whiskey, taste it. Sometimes the same proportion of water is then added to your whiskey to separate its alcohol content from the taste elements. I am however not a fan of adding water to mine.

Whiskey snobs might think the older a whiskey the better it is. For me this isn’t the case all the time. I do prefer the Glenlivet 18 to the Glenlivet 21. But give me the 25 anytime.

If you are keen to read Alvin’s story  on his foray into the conservative swiss watch industry with Azimuth you can read more here on