Virgin Airways to launch glass bottomed plane

As you may have seen in the press, after nearly 30 years of providing the ultimate long-haul flying experience, Virgin Atlantic and founder Richard Branson are once again flying in the face of ordinary by announcing the creation of a world first in aircraft innovation. This technological innovation coincides with the start of our first ever domestic service, Little Red.

The company announced that their engineering crew have been secretly working on the design and production of the world’s first-ever glass-bottomed plane, created to ensure passengers can enjoy both an unparalleled flying experience, as well as a selection of stunning landscapes from the comfort of their seats.

The new aircraft will offer every passenger the chance of a bird’s eye view with an extra special opportunity to look down on the beautiful scenery of Great Britain as they fly.

The project has been personally funded by Richard Branson and overseen by Virgin Atlantic’s own Innovation team, who have been hard at work on this top secret project for several years. Richard set himself a personal goal to change the face of flying forever when he started Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984 and this is one of many in the long line of aviation breakthroughs.


The announcement saw a few creative comments which tickled my funny bone.

Langkawi Loving

Langkawi means reddish brown eagle in colloquial Malay. The Malay word for eagle is helang – which is shortened to “lang”. Kawi means the colour reddish.

Langkawi, a cluster of 99 islands separated from mainland Malaysia by the Straits of Malacca, is a district of the state of Kedah in Northern Malaysia and lies approximately 51 km west of Kedah. The total land mass of the islands is 47,848 hectares, while the main island of Langkawi itself has a total of 32,000 hectares. The main island spans about 25 km from north to south and slightly more for east and west. The coastal areas consist of flat, alluvial plains punctuated with limestone ridges. Two-thirds of the island is dominated by forest-covered mountains, hills and natural vegetation.


I love this island and hope that the respect for nature can be maintained…as it develops on. Extremely thrilled that from our jungle resort, I saw a few of the rare flying lemurs :)while my friends spotted a pair of Hornbills (which are common in the resort and often sighted near the pool area 5-6pm daily).

Airasia flies to Langkawi daily from singapore (1 flight every day to and fro). Due to the National Holiday week , we paid about $258 per person per ticket which IMO is pretty steep.


Favourite Eats: Orkid Ria

Notorious for having very grumpy bosses (apparently on reviews on tripadvisors, it was what we experienced first hand as well)

Lot 1225, Pantai Cenang  Mukim Kedawang, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

+60 4-955 4128

Favourite Activity: Mangrove Boat Tour (RM250 to book the 1hr boat tour, seats up to 8pax)

Priceless sight: Eagle Island. With over 60 eagles living in harmony on 1 lovely island.

(we rode our jetskis here, however on our Mangrove boat tour where we boarded at Kilim Geopark, we were taken to yet another island with loads of Eagles. This time the guide threw some chicken meat into the water, I’m definitely not in favor of this…as it interferes with an eagle’s hunting instincts and creates dependency.)

Langkawi has been given a World Geopark status by UNESCO. Three of its main conservation areas in Langkawi Geopark are Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park and Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest park (Island of the Pregnant Maiden Lake). These three parks are the most popular tourism area within Langkawi Geopark.

Missed out on Jungle treking with Dev / Jungle Walla as they were fully booked on Hari Raya :(

Expensive but fun: Megawatersports Jet Ski 8 Island Tour. (Prepared to feel seasick on this one). Photos to come soon since it was taken mostly on our guide and our friend’s waterproof cameras . Cost was about RM500 per person.

We stayed at Berjaya and booked this via agoda, the room costs about SGD$200 a night.

A little steep in my opinion since my travel habit is more on the practical side, I would spend more on activities than a hotel room since mostly I wouldn’t be in anyway. This was shared with a friend and worked out to $100 a night.

Rooms are really huge and spacious- easily accomodates 3 pax. You can either pay $100 more for an extra bed, or a 3rd person can sleep comfortably on the couch.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort – Malaysia
Karong Berkunci 200, Burau Bay
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

+ 60 (4) 959 1888
+ 60 (4) 959 1886