Curling your hair with a flat-iron

Earlier this week,

I went to the photo studio as I was going to be featured on April’s issue of SimplyHer magazine.

I then met Eileen from Expect studios (liang court) and watched as she used a flat iron to give me soft curls for the look they wanted for me. It’s always nice to have someone see to your hair and make up, but it’s not like we have access to one everyday. And I realised it isn’t hard to pick up a skill or two in doing it yourself if you can afford the time from home. This isn’t the first time a flat iron was used to curl my hair by hairstylist. And I’ve never wanted to try because I had curling tongs at home. Not till I spotted a keratase travel size flat iron in my mom’s room the other day.

So the day after shoot, just before attend the Zegna spring summer launch of Z zegna at Paragon, I tried to recreate the look.

Making curls with a flat iron turns out to be pretty simple. It just takes practise to understand the angles and strength you want to apply while doing so to get a variety of curls. It’s the same with curling tongs where you learn to vary how tight you wanted your curls to be and in what angle you wanted them to curl.

Below is a video from youtube that illustrates the basic technic on how to twist your flat iron. As mine was a travel sized one, the curls were a little smaller.

Check out the Spring look on How to carry of flowery prints in this April’s issue of SimplyHer. More behind the scenes in my next post

The look I recreated

The finished look Eileen gave me – taken after I’ve somewhat changed out of the outfit

The process

Me with Eileen from Expect studios