The Asiarooms Pop Up Hotel

I was lucky enough to be 1 out of the 3 people who got a chance to stay at the Asiarooms Pop Up Hotel. The other 2 were bloggers Dawn, and Darren.

So I invited my bestie along, and we gamely took to the Asiarooms Pop Up Hotel just last weekend at Cineleisure. I have to admit we’re are the most shy people around and so we were really making ourselves at home here :)

Clowning around – upon check in.

A little unglam here- but all for good fun.

Our every move is monitored…..LOL

But oh don’t worry – we were allowed to draw the curtains whenever we wanted.

The bed was really comfy . And we had fresh bedsheets too. hehehe. I slept short but well that night.

I love the Asiarooms Teddy – but sadly we couldn’t keep him :( guess I got to go build myself one now. At the Build A Bear workshop? lol.

Know what impressed me?

I was most thrilled to see so much customization going into my little stay. The Asiarooms team are so detailed :) and thoughtful. They packed juices and chocolate bars for us, arranged for supper, dvds, and more. I felt almost like a princess or perhaps a bride on her wedding day – where everyone panders to her requests hahahah.

Here we have our very own butler – who is quite the cutie with a bowtie :)

he’s actually our personnel and butler all rolled in one – my bestie and I totally approve. hahahahhaha!!!

He delivered our supper :) – and stayed up the entire night to ensure our safety. Needless to say we were super touched! She bought him coffee the next morning.

We had Dvds to occupy ourselves with. Guess what we watched? We had decided we watched to watch the rum diaries because of Johnny Depp, but we were a tad tired and didn’t want to go thru the intellectual dialogue… we ….decided watch….Meet The Fockers hahahah.

Oh and we were also given in-room mani + pedi + a massage by the Therapists from Siglap’s Hands + Feet studio. Fast Forward to today (Monday) I have ruin my lovely nails already *cries*.

Onto our male masseur – we realized he’s super skilled! A pretty humourous dude as well :) Well usually one wouldn’t be too comfortable with a male masseur but he’s really professional and knows the exact places to knead your muscles.

Mandy then worked her magic on my hands and feet : ) amazing speed there. I went from Maroon nails.

Ok if you are wondering why I’m dressed like that with super elaborate hair. That’s because I had attending the Singapore Blog Awards which happens to be themed the 60s. :) This was styled by Vernice from Clover Salon at Far East Plaza on Scotts Road.

Here’s a peek of the process – I love my hair color too! and the streaks (from my dipdye days)

Amazing yea? Made me look like I was 40 years old however (I guess it is the Tweed jacket hahaha) .

Here’s a more relaxed look the next morning just before check out – and before drawing the curtains fully.


If you think that was all – I was given a voucher for One Night Stay with breakfast for 2 persons at Ramada Singapore at ZhongShan Park. Located on 16 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329982. (Hilarious road name btw).

Hello to my next Staycation  –  I could really get used to this. <3