Watson’s beauty day out

Happy Parcel Days are one where you find yourself a HOTLIGHTS lipgloss with an LED built in, a fresh supply of mascara from Brigette, Dr Auchane facial serum, sunkiller sunblock with a wonderful SPF of 50! Along with Bio essence sunscreen and Keranove hair conditioner and beauty biotics mineral powder along with a box of oral supplements!

Thank you Watsons! I feel so loved :)

I am one of those where I’ll feel gravely disturbed had i forgot to apply sunscreen on any given day. So yes I’m quite a sunscreen fanatic and I’m always happy to receive sunscreen over say new lipsticks. :) xx Super glad that every watsons sale I can stock up on things such as my heliocare sunblock and Avene thermal spring water sprays!

(not forgetting things like tissues, facial cotton pads and wetwipes that I use ever so often during face painting gigs). Oh and my bifesta make up remover!