Xiao Yuan Marketing introduces MosquitNO a dutch brand that will be carried at Guardian pharmacies.

Mosquitno keeps bugs away! Safe, easy, fun.

Mosquitno keeps bugs away so you can enjoy what you love to do outdoors. Rather than typical messy bug sprays, their innovative brand of insect repellent products are safe, fun, and easily integrated into your favorite outdoor activities. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing bug repellent. Just slip on a wristband, sticker or shirt and enjoy the outdoors bug-free. We aim to make bug protection effortless for you! Mosquitno mosquito repellents products suit a range of preferences from our all-natural citronella-infused repellent wristbands and repellent stickers to our InsectArmor polos and t-shirts with insect repellent infused into fabric fibers. Perfect for our climate I will say, including golfing, gardening, fishing, hiking, camping, BBQing, concert-going, or whatever it is you love to do outside.

They are unbelievably cute- even I am sold on these. Some of these mozzie patches even glow in the dark!


Bracelets – for rave parties you say? I wore this to the night safari just last week and came out unscathed hehehe. Where typically – I am dinner for the mosquitos. The scent on these last over 72 hours!

you know what amazes me the post ? Mosquito repelling Polo Tshirts.

Life changing perhaps!  The company manufactures products that keep bees away too!

The polo tees are available in 12 colors and last up to 50 washes. *Gasp*. I love technology.