Drinking GoodWater Everyday

The first water ionizers were developed and used in hospitals throughout Japan back 30 years ago and hence were referred to as medical devices. Since that time, water ionizers have found their way into our homes as the many types of waters produced from these water ionizers has many benefits in the kitchen :)

Since I’ve had a water ionizer system installed by Aguard, a leading firm that specializes in healthy home care systems, I’ve done plenty with it apart from just quenching my thirst.
I’ve used the water for skincare and to shower – and shared on my experience on my previous post here http://blog.myfatpocket.com/alethea/2013/04/24/thoughts-on-ionized-water/

I’ve used it to wash my fruit and vege, and to make tea as well. Most recently I had a cup of coffee made with alkaline water and oh it was smooth! I’m not a coffee drinker but that cup sat well.


Recently I read that pH 9.5 Ionized Water will make green tea at room temperature primarily through its negative ion charge and micro-clustering properties. (Something I’ll like to try)

Did you know? The acidic water the ionizer produces can be used for your cut flowers too?
The next time bring home some cut flowers, try placing them in weak ionized acid water. You will notice that your flowers last longer as the ionic acid water is what is needed by plants and flowers.

When it comes to your fruits and vegetables, using Strong Alkaline Water to remove the insecticides and pesticides off of them is a smart choice. Not only will this remove these damaging toxins from your fruits and vegetables, but by doing so will literally make these foods taste the way they were meant to taste. Alot of pesticides are oil based and as such rinsing them with tap water doesn’t remove the toxins, One of the properties of Strong Alkaline Water is the ability to emulsify oils and since all pesticides and insecticides are oil based, plain water will not do the trick. The next time you are cleaning your fruits and vegetables, use Strong Alkaline Water.

Here’s what I did with my baby spinach salad

The sophisticated water ionizer yields both acidic and alkaline water.

The alkaline water is available in 4 pH levels, starting from 8.5, 9 , 9.5 to pH 10.
There is also purified water at pH7 and acidic water available at pH 5.5 as well as pH 3

Here’s a look at the various modes

pH 9.5 water is recommended for cooking due to the fact that the water tends to drop one pH level when it is heated to a boil.
Here’s what your tap will look like if you have this installed in your homes.

The yellowish tubing is the part where ‘waste’ acidic water drains (This water however can be collected and recycled. You can use it to wash clothes, clean your stove tops and more)


Strong Alkaline and Strong Acid waters are so powerful and effective that The Sheraton Delfina Hotel in Santa Monica, California has done away with all chemical cleaners including bleach since 2009. The hotel has ditching their cleaners and chemicals for a water electrolysis which then yields water which they use for everything from the laundry, to cooking to cleaning of guest rooms. As reported here on the news.