What’s the story Morning Glory?

To be honest, when I was first invited by Omy.sg to the screening of the movie, Morning Glory, I had no idea what it was about apart from the fact that Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford were in it.

I read that the movie was from the screen writers of The Devil Wears Prada, and the director of Notting Hill. And together with the fact that McAdams was in it, I thought yea maybe I’ll go catch it. Rachel McAdams as you might have known, has acted in The Notebook and Mean Girls and she’s far from mean.

In the movie, Rachel plays Becky Fuller, a 28 year old assistant producer who gets the axe when her small town TV station hires an MBA as their senior producer. She moves to New York to work as an assistant producer at Daybreak, the national morning news show that is almost pulled from the station due to it’s plunging viewership ratings. Yes you can expect the whole girl meets guy thing and girl and guy fall in love, it’s after all a romantic comedy with way too much exaggerated acting. But on the whole, the plot did manage to reduce me (and I heard Estelle) to tears. It also gave the audience a nice peek into what goes behind the production of news. Giving you insights into how the VDR and teleprompter works, how anchors are cued, how voice overs, and images are cut into the footage. All of which was fun for me to watch having some prior knowledge about there in TV production classes taken in my undergrad days. Reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts when one’s an ex beauty queen and the other a legendary TV news anchor who feels he’s too good to do lifestyle news makes for a bunch of laughs.

Expect Becky to save the day in more ways than 1, by first being the catalyst or rather the one that makes it happen for her team (which didn’t quite know how to work together and was really a dysfunction lot), and the one who manages to earn the respect of the nasty Mike Pomeroy played by Ford. Only with Becky did he show the niceties of being human.

ST Life! only have the movie 2 stars out of 5, but I reckon it deserves 3 or 3.5 stars, most romantic comedies have a thin plot afterall isn’t it. But the jokes peppered throughout the show did make up for it all, I was half worried my boyfriend being him, will not enjoy this much but he and the whole cinema was laughing quite hard. I think imdb is a much better guage and the movie scored an average of 6.6 and 4 stars out of 4 from over 6000 movie goers.

I did enjoy the soundtrack of the movie, so here goes.
The weepies – Same Changes