Curel Moisture Eye Zone Essence – with Ceramide

The final step in a great skin care regimen is an eye treatment.

For me, I’ve recently taken to Curel’s Moisture Eye Zone Essence. I’ve tried Clinique’s eye cream previously but found it not quite suitable for my skin. Curel’s Moisture Eye Zone Essence is really light weight. It’s the non creamy types which I reckon is suitable for ladies in their 20s or teens.

Eye cream or gels are useful to provide mositure and to nourish the delicate skin under and around our eyes. Moisturizers and other lotion should not go anywhere near your eye, it is too thick to penetrate our eye area and hence millia can occur. Millia in a non scientific definition is a “little white bump that may look like a tiny pimple, however, it is actually a pore clogged with lotion that skin has grown over, which needs to be surgically removed. As you can see, that is not what you want! Therefore, use an eye cream or gel day and night, it can help reduce puffiness, bags, wrinkles, lines, and darkness. If you are in your twenty’s an eye gel would be best. For 30 and above a cream or serum would suit your needs.

Besides blinking close to 10,000 times a day, the eye area is also at the heart of many of our expressions – so it suffers from a lot of micro-contractions.

Plus, this area naturally has only a small amount of sebaceous glands, so it is prone to dehydration and fine lines, only by applying antiaging eye cream can solve this problem. In fact, from age 30 onwards, crow’s feet and expression lines can appear, and get worse over the years.

Before it is too late, take steps to minimize those wrinkles.

If like me you have single eyelids or if your Ophthalmologist told you that you had oily eye lids (mine did much to my dismay) then congratulations the skin around your eyes should not age as soon the normal person.

Curel is available at all Watson’s stores

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Curél is said to be Japan’s No.1 Brand for Sensitive Asian Skin is formulated from Kao’s extensive dermatological science research. From face and body to scalp and hair, Curél’s hydrating and moisture-retaining ceramide care targets the actual causes of sensitive Asian skin and provides highly effective solutions to improve skin condition.

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Note: It’s good practice to apply any products on your eyes with either your pinky or your ring finger. The pressure exerted by other fingers are stronger and not good for your delicate skin around your eyes.

Here’s what the essence looks like- it’s a light weight water based gel it seems (unlike those super rich creamy ones)

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Endorsed by over 3,900 dermatologists in Japan, Curél is the first Japanese skincare brand specially formulated and clinically proven to comfort dry and sensitive skin, from face and body to scalp and hair.

Formulated with Advanced Ceramide Therapy, Curél’s gentle formulae contain the key ingredient, ceramide, recognised by top dermatologists to be especially effective in hydrating dry and sensitive skin by replenishing and retaining moisture from within.

Suitable for all skin types, Curél’s products are also infused with Eucalyptus extract. Through a careful research on natural ingredients, Kao discovered that the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant vastly enhance skin’s ability to produce ceramide.

Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free and alcohol-free, Curél is a highly effective solution for all your dry and sensitive skin troubles. (This especially means alot to me since I’ve sensitive skin which my facial therapist and eyebrow technician never fail to remind me of).

A highly-respected brand in Japan, Curél works closely with top dermatologists in Japan, Hong Kong, the US and Europe to create a skincare range targeting sensitive Asian skin.

Curél is developed from over 30 years of extensive dermatological research by Kao on sensitive skin and combines the latest dermatological science and technology.

From face, body to hair and scalp, Curel promises to free people from sensitive skin problems, and helps them live with confidence and peace of mind, 365 days a year. :)

A list of their products and the respective prices are available here!

My favourites are the Facial Wash and the eye zone moisture lotion.

Reviews on the facial wash and make up remover gel will be up soon!