Strip and browhaus comes to Westgate!

Browhaus and Strip opens at WESTGATE

Do I hear shouts of liberation from all you westies? :)

We couldn’t be happier to pop on by to check out their opening partay.

May I add that this chocolate tart – is the best ever! *faints*. I know it isn’t the highlight but it certainly was for me.

Meanwhile, how about a sweet surprise?

Quote ‘Alethea’ to redeem 50% off your first wax / brow treatment at Strip & Browhaus Westgate.
Applicable for first-time customers at Westgate outlet only.
Limited to one redemption per customer. Valid till 31 January 2014.
Other terms & conditions apply.

Browhaus and Strip are also offering special starter packages for my readers too :)

Strip: Purchase Strip waxing credit package at $150 and get $50 credits for free!
Browhaus: Spend $140 for 10 + 3 brow threading services (U.P. $170)
once again quote ‘Alethea’ for this.

Known for its series of striking themed outlets, STRIP & BROWHAUS Westgate is a cosy respite away from the hustle of its surroundings. Fitted with luxurious wooden panels and elegant modern furniture, relax as you get your hairy issues tended to in one of the four cushy treatment rooms at STRIP or the four comfortable treatment bays at BROWHAUS.

Choose from signature treatments like Brazilian waxing and IPL, to basic brow shaping or longer- lasting services like Eye Define, and get groomed to the nines without having to venture very far from home.

The BROWHAUS menu entails a bevy of brow grooming techniques.

These include:
Brow Construction
Brow Resurrection
Brow Tinting (something I haven’t tried and I think I should!)

here’s a tip – if your brow has empty patches like mine (le sigh). you can use a pencil sharpened this way to draw in fine lines in the angle where the natural hair was supposed to be at. This gives a realistic look of hair in your brows :)

See the blank patches in my brow? yes

Can you see the contrast between the brow the lovely architect drew for me – and my other brow LOL.

Facial grooming begins with the brow but that is not the end. For the full treatment, BROWHAUS also has a multitude of complementary treatments for the lashes and face. They include:
 Lash Curl Up
 Lash in Bloom

 Lashgraphy
 Facial Hair Threading

When it comes to hair removal, “no pain, no gain” seems to be the adage most people resign themselves to. Do horror stories of painful laser treatments keep you clinging to methods of hair removal that has short-lived results? After 8 years of research, STRIP developed the ultimate IPL treatment, a semi-permanent hair reduction that is safe and near pain-free.

STRIP uses the Ferrari of IPL machines thus only require six sessions to eliminate your hair woes. yes tried and tested by me! My underarms are fuzz free now lololol (I can now wave all I want or cling on to the rails of the MRT and not offend anyone yea?) LOL

  •   The IPL technology administers very low dosages of light and heat in repetitive batches over the targeted area of skin
  •   As the energy output is lower, therapists are able to repeatedly concentrate the energy for effective and virtually pain-free hair reduction. At STRIP, we insist on less pain with plenty of gain!
  •   Due to the gradual application process, there is less chance of burns or pain from the heat of the flashes or the ‘snapping’ sensations from intense shots of energy aimed at weakening hair follicles
  •   IPL technology is particularly effective for targeting fine facial hair, fine bodily hair, light-coloured or blonde hair as the heat therapy does not require guidance from pigmentation in hair strands. In addition, IPL also reduces in-grown hair issues and uneven pigmentation for clearer, smoother and rejuvenated skin.Almost every area on the body can be treated, including the legs, bikini line, back, underarms, arms, upper lip, etc. Re-growth is eventually stifled which creates a hair-free situation for about 2 years or more.
  • Note that IPL although effective needs to be maintained every now and then. for my underarms I now only need perhaps 1 session every 6 months to maintain my smooth hair-free skin on my underarm. Well worth it since tweezing is time consuming and shaving it alot worst since it irritates and can darken your underarms.

  • Prices begin at $321.00 for underarm and $642.00 for Brazilian, per session (prices inclusive of GST). STRIP IPL is available at all STRIP outlets.

Can’t wait for this vial of Extend to do some magic to my brows, thank you Eugenia and team!

It’s also my first Malin + Goetz product! can’t wait to try :)

STRIP & BROWHAUS Westgate are located at
3 Westgate Drive #03-23 S(608532).

STRIP Westgate tel: 6465 9404,
BROWHAUS Westgate tel: 6465 9741,

ERABELLE PRESTIGE- Beauty and the Browlogy

Upon Vanitytrove’s and Erabelle’s invitation.
I popped on over to their Penang Road spa facility to have my brows made over during the “Beauty and the Browlogy” event where Beatrice, their brow expert explained to us some basics on face shapes and how semi permanent (eyebrow embroidery) was done.

I’ve always been intrigued having remembered seeing Erabelle and their kimono clad beauticians at several roadshows in the past years. It’s great to know it’s a local company that was founded in 2004 has achieved much success since their early years.

Several of my friends and a couple of other bloggers have tried Semi Permanent make up before.
I think it’s great for career women as it

  • saves you time and you get more nap time in the mornings before work.
  • perfect for those who are not seasoned in make up techniques
  • great for those with oily skin – no more make up smudges
  • for those with no eyebrows or barely any. You will have them! even in the unlikeliest places like the beach or at the gym
A week before at a photoshoot for SPH magazines, Larry Yeo my make up artist was already telling me that my brows were a little too thin and a tad too arched for my face.

The analysis at Erabelle was that – my face shape was that of Oval and a little diamond mixed in.
Most of us think we only belong to one face shape type but the truth is we are mostly a mix of 2.

My arch apparently wasn’t too bad but I could do and was thus given bolder thicker brows :)
So here are my brow before and after pictures! (taken on my iphone).


During the process

Half done LOL

And finally the completed brows

I like the effect, definitely frames my face better.
Erabelle offers 3 types of semi permanent services.

Speaking about frames, Addarline and the lovely Erabelle team prepared some cute little frames for us to clown around with after the party. We were also treated to Yuzu tea and yummy cupcakes from 12 Cupcakes. I had the red velvet one.

Every space, from the little alcoves that were curtained off for a customer’s brow tattoo-ing session, to the open pantry where beauty treatments are concocted with tonic waters, were beautifully creative and showed meticulous amounts of attention paid to the spa’s surroundings revolving around the customer’s needs. At the heart of it was the Japanese concept of Omotenashi, which loosely translates as hospitality which is definitely one of the brands’ cornerstones of customer service.

I had read that Erabelle is own a lady who is a beauty therapist with more than a decade of experience in the personal care industry, and that she had wanted to create a soothing atmosphere in the spa that catered to all the senses, hence every space is given the luxe treatment. And every treatment room never the same from the other. I especially loved the Audrey Hepburn VIP room which was really manhattan.

For those in doubt – go try out their wonderful Erabrow design which includes a tweet, trim and design for $29.What’s more, if you bought one of the lovely Aug VanityTrove, you get a voucher to enjoy 50% off Erabrow design. (Before your next leap into semi permanent make up:)

The Browlogy process,

Starts of with faceshape and brow analysis – your triming, tweezing and design

Next colors are filled into your brows – suited to your hair color and skin

Then a patch test is done to see if you react or are sensitive to the inks used in the semi permanent make up

During treatment, a micropen is used with Erabelle’s Softstroke technique. The inks are certified by Europe’s Cosmetic Directive and/or are approved by FDA Germany standards (Which are way stricter than that of US), individual ink caps are used and ink is discarded after.

Photos of your brows are taken pre and post treatment to monitor results.

and Tadah – a breath of life into your brows and you’re ready to flaunt it.

Effects last about 2 years.

And talk about precision tools when it comes to beauty.
Erabelle uses RUBIS tweezers and eyebrow scissors, both of which are swiss made.
I was most impressed that RUBIS specializes in making tweezers used in the swiss watchmaking industry. Their tips are made of a high quality polymer that doesn’t pinch your skin and can even be used to pick diamonds and precious stones up.

Having worked in brands like Chopard and Cartier it’s no wonder Erabelle and their lovely RUBIS tools really took to me.

Semi permanent make up is safer because color is embeded into the epidermis which sheds over time. This is what differentiates it from tattoos which are permanent as the ink is translated to your dermis.

The color unlike in tattoos – will not turn dark green or blue over time.

Erabelle has won Cozycot’s Women’s choice awards, Women’s weekly Best Brow Embroidery, and Harpers’ Bazaar spa awards 2012 for best brows! WOW

Remember to use your Vanitytrove Erabelle vouchers!
What’s more
Enjoy 10% off services when they quote “Alethea VanityTrove”, especially for readers of my blog :)

GIVEAWAY – of 5 Erabelle eyebrow Pencils.
To be announced soon- stay tune

Erabelle Prestige Locations

105 Penang Road #01-06
Tel:6836 8388

1 Harbourfront Walk #02-01/02

with branches too in Bugis and Bedok

Open daily from 11am to 930pm