MEKHALA (Mey-keh-lah)

At first looks, one might wonder what the brand’s red logo stands for – so I’m gonna fill you in on it. The logo is actually an ancient Chinese alphabet that depicts bliss, or selfless state of mind.

Mekhala –also means Angel in thai. An angel that brings you “Nature’s Blessings”.

Think Mekhala is a company that produces just spa products? Well not quite! They’re alot more than that. They offer a somewhat holistic view and choice – so you’ll find products for the body, for eating, and for the home, which are all made to please all your senses. Which is quite true, we can’t focus on just one aspect since your skin tends to reflect on your health and likewise what you eat is what you are. You can find things like organic honeys, rice, to body and haircare products.
Everything you’ll find to be free from artificial additives.

I chose the Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner (because I have chemically treated hair).
As well as a Young Rice Milk soap bar and a Young Rice Milk Body Lotion to review.

Let’s take a look at the Shampoo’s ingredients:

Distilled Water, Hom Nin Rice, Black Rice Extract, Kaffir Lime Extracts, Aloe Vera, White Crane Flower Extract, Natural Glycerine, Jasmine Rice Extract.

Sounds great don’t you think? It makes me think of Rice Pudding that the Turkish serve up.

What is Black Rice?

Black rice is obviously named because of its black appearance. Sometimes, it’s also called purple rice because of its deep purple color when cooked. For those who eat Pulut Hitam – the cooked black rice dessert drizzled with coconut milk – you’ll know what it is.

Its deep hue is due to a powerful group of antioxidants, called anthocyanins, the pigment that is responsible for the stunning colors of fruits and vegetables. To heap more accolades, black rice is also whole-grain and gluten free.Anthocyanins has anti-dandruff properties, that help to taking care of your hair from within.

Black rice is a long-grain rice whereas black glutinous rice is short-grain.

According to Zhimin Xu, an associate professor at the Department of Food Science at Louisiana State University, “Just a spoonful of black rice bran (or 10 spoons of cooked black rice) contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than are found in a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar, and more fiber and vitamin E antioxidants.”

As have been pointed out in many health reports, anthocyanins protect against damaging free radicals that give rise to cancer, aging and cardiovascular diseases, amongst others.

Another study, found that black rice bran inhibits the release of histamine, a chemical that triggers inflammation. Black rice bran consumption can alleviate allergic dermatitis symptoms, such as swelling. Allergy and asthma sufferers may find relief by including black rice in their


Price: $22.00 for full-sized bottle (250ml) from

I used these for 5 days straight before writing my review.
So quite a substantial amount of shampoo and conditioner have been used up- as seen here.

Here’s how the soap looks like after contact with water over a few days. The rice bran helps to slough away dead skin :) It’s very lightly scented and it’s just the way I like it.

The shampoo doesn’t lather much nor produce much foam. But that’s great – it means there isn’t any SLS. I liked how it made my hair feel really clean after.

Here’s the very smooth and small amount of form produce- probably from the Glycerin.

Next I applied the conditioner – at the first few uses, or rather during usage. The conditioner doesn’t feel like it coats your hair. It’s so light you wonder if it actually smoothens your hair or not. It also washes away without bubbles nor any slick or slimy feel.

However the effects were more prominent once your hair was dry.I noticed my hair tangled much less. And unlike some shampoos I’ve been using, the Black Rice Shampoo didn’t dry out my hair too much.

I think it added quite some shine to my hair :)

Ok so the good news is:
The generous ladies at Mekhala have given me 3 gift sets of
The Young Rice Milk
Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Lotion


Want to get your hands on these?
Simply leave a comment with your email on this post and I’ll pick at Random 3 lovely people to gift this to.
Deadline by 24 April.

I will be mailing these to you after and will get to touch with you for your mailing address.

P.S don’t forget to recycle the cute little bottles after.

Available at Four Seasons Gourmet Market
-Great World City
-City Square Mall
-Marina Bay Link Mall
As well as online at