Thermage – results in the 1st month

Presenting results from the Thermage treatment done by Dr Phua  :) enough to get my mom beaming, The line on her mouth area, as well as jaw is less prominent than before. And the great thing is results will peak in about 2 months time, her skintone has improved and she feels her face is firmer.  This is her photo taken yesterday.

This was last month – as illustrated by our Doc

This was last month as well

Thermage can be used to lift tired eyes. :)


SOLTA Medical – Thermage Total Tip

Thermage® Total Tip 3.0, a highly effective treatment tip for face and neck as well as other body treatments that offers the earliest visible results in Thermage treatment history in addition to the consistent long-term results. Targeted, uniform, bulk heating allows dermatologists to treat patients effectively while maintaining patient comfort.

Upon Solta Medical’s invitation, I brought my mom to an aesthetics clinic for the Thermage® Total Tip 3.0 treatment trial. It is the latest in skin rejuvenation for women who want to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. It is also used to sculpt My mom is 59, she doesn’t have much wrinkles but well – it’s a part of aging. Skin loses collagen and starts to sag so the common problem areas – are places like your laugh lines and cheek, as well as your eyes where your skin tends to be alot thinner.

This is my mom, myself, and a friendly burmese Python that belongs to a local snake charmer :) Just for illustration haha

Meet my mom :) Here are a few pictures of her skin before we consulted our aesthetics doctor. The things i put my mom through…. lol

The lines on the left and right sides of her face are also unequal which our pretty doc quickly identified that this was caused by sleeping on your side at night (so ladies, as much as possible, sleeping faced up will be better for your skin!)


The Total Tip safely delivers as much as two times greater bulk heating volume which allows more tissue to be heated to higher temperatures, delivering better results. Thermage has had 10 years of technological refinement, and patients continue to see results that are more consistent and superior to what we saw in the past.”

Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to non-invasively help smooth, and contour the skin, as well as temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, in a single treatment with little to no downtime. The Thermage Total Tip is effective for facial treatments because it delivers uniform, volumetric bulk heating. This heat is dispersed through the vascular structures, which are more abundant on the face than other body areas. This dispersal and uniformity of energy may lead to increased patient tolerability and allows practitioners to deliver an efficient volume of heat on the face, with highly positive outcomes. Patients notice both early and long-term results.

In the consultation room, our beautiful doctor took us through the process on how Thermage works.

My mom has only but once undergone laser to remove some dark spots that started to show on her skin a few years ago when she went to Sunny Nepal for a church mission trip. She didn’t use sunscreen then but was a convert ever since. She’s also not the type who looks to botox nor fillers so when I told her about Thermage she was quite excited :)

To understand how Thermage Total Tip 3.0 works, let’s start with behaviors of skin. (taken from

Our skin’s surface is just the beginning of three intricate layers that composes the entire organ. Collagen stands support and build up the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, keeping it strong and wrinkle-free in the younger years. But because collagen strands are essentially built as coil-like structures, they can become unwound with the natural process of aging. In time, collagen strands become uncoiled and can no longer support the skin’s surface, leading to wrinkled skin and loss of elasticity.

But the typical aging process can be reversed at the cellular level with Thermage Total Tip 3.0 – a leading cosmetic treatment that uses heat to shrink existing collagen strands while producing new collagen over time.

Heat is an essential component to the skin’s tightening process. Just as cotton t-shirts will shrink in a hot dryer, as will collagen strands when Thermage Total Tip 3.0 is applied to the skin. The diminished springiness of an older collagen strand is immediately tightened with the use of heat, while more collagen is produced.

When consultation was done, an assistant then brought my mom to the treatment room equipped with a tiny room for you to remove your make up and wash your face to prepare for treatment.

In this picture you can see the unequal lines on her cheeks, as well as lip area.

Now, numbing cream is applied before treatment to soothe the skin by the clinic assistant.

This is left on for about 15minutes and then washed away just before treament.

Here are some of the equipment/peripherals used during the process. (See the Hello Kitty in the background? that’s a super cute speaker than our lovely Doctor used to play music during treatment hehe)

Heres’ the Tip . They are all made for 1 time usage only.

Proprietary coupling fluid


The return pad..

  • A fluid called coupling fluid is applied to the treatment areas. This provides a conductive medium to ensure good electrical and thermal contact with the skin and the treatment tip.
  • Via the treatment tip, a combination of cooling spray and RF energy is delivered. The cooling spray continuously cools the outer layers of the skin to prevent any burning.
  • Depending on your pain threshold, you may feel nothing, mild warmth, intense warmth (heat), or possibly pain with each application of energy.
  • Throughout the procedure, your doctor/nurse will need feedback from you about your perception of heat and the level of pain or discomfort you are experiencing. RF levels will be adjusted up or down accordingly so that therapeutic levels of heat are achieved without excessive discomfort.
  • Treatment time varies according to area(s) treated and the number of times the tip is passed over the skin. A Thermage procedure can take anything between 1 to 2 hours from start to end.
  • The system houses a canister of coolant that can be used for an average of three to six procedures, depending on the total skin surface area treated and the treatment tip used. Each patient procedure also requires a return pad, which is typically adhered to the patient’s lower back to allow a path of travel for the RF current through the body and back to the generator.

There are actually many types of tips


So here’s mom – all ready to undergo the treatment :)

The machine started with 900 reps, and I think the Doctor applied perhaps 700 over pulses to my mom’s face.

The results are almost instant – here’s a photo to illustrate.

I requested for our Doctor to treat just half of mom’s face so show this.

Check out the instant face lift – One of my mom’s brows is higher than the other now after having just half her face treated. The lines near her nose is also alot lesser then the other side.

Afterwhich when treatment was done, the doctor applied her fomulation of BB cream, as well as sunscreen. Here’s my mom happy as a clam :)

Treatment results peak in about 2 months or more – as your skin continually produces and renews its Collagen.

Visible results may be immediate, and they may appear over time in the course of your body’s natural collagen rebuilding process. For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the two to six months following a single treatment session. Results can last years depending on your skin condition and aging process.

A post treatment session has been scheduled with the doctor for my mom to review the efficacy of Thermage and the results , in approximately 1 month time from the date of when she first underwent Thermage.

More updates on the results coming soon in the next post :)


Thermage Total Tip 3.0 is an excellent choice for women who want to combat:

Deep folds or creases on the face. Thermage Total Tip 3.0 works very well to reduce the look of deep folds or creases on the face. Because it can tighten large areas of the skin, it works especially well for women who have sagging around the mouth, eyes and jawline.

Early aging. For women who want to get a head start on the anti-aging process, Thermage Total Tip 3.0 is an excellent choice to tighten the entire facial area, leading to all-around more beautiful skin. It’s a wonderful addition to any beauty regimen of the woman in her 30s and beyond. This is me in 2 years (omggggg)

Sagging Eyes. For an uplifted, rejuvenated eye area, Thermage Total Tip 3.0 is the ideal method to create more definition while reducing the look of wrinkles and sagging around the eye area. Heavy lids also respond remarkably well to the treatment and can take years off the look of drooping eyes.


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