Eyelash perming + Permanent mascara for small eyes

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Just sometime back – I tried for the very first time eyelash perming (lash lift) and semi permanent mascara and here are the results. I think it made my eyes look much better indeed, I did prefer the lash perm and personally didn’t mind apply mascara myself so I would probably skip the semi-permanent mascara in future so it did feel a little stiff on my eye lash hehehe. It did last well for about 4-6weeks in my experience.

If that’s something you’ll like to try you can give it a shot for cheap to try the lash lift using my link so we get a 1-for-1 lash lift.https://www.advocado.me/#/refer-invite/f00312b4-e86a-4f87-b39f-463b48684d88

Beauty Recipe: Orchardgateway #B2-01

JuAnn has also tried the eyebrow emboidery and loved it – lots of reviews on the internet for you to read!