BrightTonix Y10 the world’s first RadioFrequency-based mouth rejuvenation!

Move about those LED home teeth whitening kits that the HSA didn’t approve because of the high peroxide levels. Now you can have safe and speedy teeth whitening and along with that gum rejuvenation.

Here’s a look a the technology that uses no peroxide as it works solely based on RF technology.

At the media launch – some people improved up to 8-10 shades with just 1 go. Lucky people! lol

Teeth shade chart brighttonix

I had a go at it and my teeth improved 2 shades.2017-08-02 16.50.10

Pardon my makeup free face

bright tonix y10 cambridgebrightonix y10

So the thing is I have Fluorosis appearance of faint white lines or patchy streaks on my teeth which can make it harder to see the color difference if at all but I do find the color of my teeth is now more homegeneous.

Y10 toothpaste does not contain any Hydrogen, Carbamide Peroxide or any abrasive ingredients. Here’s an FAQ

The application is real simple! The Y10 toothpaste goes into a medical grade silicon mouth piece attached to the ‘monitor’ whereby you can choose to have it done for 15 or 30mins, just sit comfortably with the mouthpiece while you surf the internet or smth and tadah you’re done right after. Really comfortable :) brightTONIX promotion singapore

Try it yourself at Cambridge Therapeutic’s┬áCentre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery

1 Scotts Road, #03-03, Singapore 228208