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While Dr Elias Tam of EHA is no stranger when it comes to aesthetics, and I was and still am quite the fan of their 24hr sunscreen.[Please check this out if you’re a sunscreen fanatic like me lol.]

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I must mention that he gives great care and service to his patients, I’m very blessed to know him and have him to help me solve my skin troubles! Esp when my adult acne can be rather hard to combat -_-.. more on that soon.

Here’s CIMG0460Dr Tam’s clinic with its clean white interiors are welcoming, not clinically white but rather, clean bright and inviting, with aromatherapy to boot and even some freshly brewed teas for patients. Here, his numerous accreditation and certificates line the walls :) Tea EHADr Tam certificates

And a little peek into what a consultation with Dr Tam is like – he is a very affable doctor who gives alot of face time to his patients, I mean I have gone to clinics where the doctors only see you for some 5-10mins during treatment, so much so you don’t get to talk much or even get to know them. I see now why Shirley of Luxury Haven is a fan too hehe.

Dr Tam unlike other practitioners I noticed takes the time to ask about your lifestyle and history of your skin and your routines to then give you a rather comprehensive recommendation/treatment plan. He doesn’t rush thru things for sure :)

Not that I ever blamed any doctor ever for giving me less time with them but everyone appreciates it when their doctor isn’t rushing thru the works!Dr Tam EHA

As with many clinics and sometimes facial salons, a VISIA imaging system with a very high definition camera is used to map out your skin condition, from pigmentation to pores etc.


This was just a snippet of my skin analysis, before more photos were taken of my face in various angles for documentation and followups I believe – then my face was cleansed by the lovely assistant and prepped for the laser session. EHA clinic singapore

Here’s me – post laser.

This visit to Dr Tam – I was daring or perhaps vain enough to get a fractional laser done. It’s meant to improve my skin tone as I do have visible pores and even some scars (even on my nose tho I’ve yet to treat that). I went to work right after wearing just a face mask lol.
The pain was very bearable, and in fact I have some trouble recalling the scale / pain factor now that i’m a few weeks post laser.
I had the picosure laser done first, followed by fractional laser which I think was by the picosure machine as well.

Afterwhich a blue light treatment was applied too – to kill acne bacteria I think!

EHA clinic bluelight EHA clinic fractional

My face was pretty red after the fractional laser but this didn’t deter me from going back to work lol, and my work mates didn’t think or notice too much either lol. Thanks guys hahaha.

In fact this was done on 30th May and by 3rd June my skin was totally recovered and I could attend a wedding happily with good skin! something I didn’t think was possible when it came to fractional lasers. What sorcery is that lol. Oh the advancement in technology these days :) dreams can now come true !

For my home care I’ve decided its time to be diligent and use my differin cream to combat the darn breakouts I still get, along with the amazing Hydra Hyaluronic serum and Moisturing gel both of which are fragrance free!

The hydra serum has a strong viscosity which I showed some of you on my instastories, Tip: stretch the serum between your fingers, and the viscosity demonstrates the high quality of the Hyaluronic Acid used.

This uniquely lightweight serum does not clog pores and is suitable even for those with sensitive skin and post ablative or non-ablative lasers/procedures – when skin is most desperate for hydration. <3
The high viscosity enables this serum to form a thin yet highly protective layer over your skin, to maintain hydration. Just one pump does it for my entire face :) I kinda regret not using this earlier when I was introduced to the product somewhere last year!

Dr Tam also recommended me the Moisturizng Gel which is free of artificial activators and dehydrating alcohol. This non greasy gel-based-lotion forms a protective barrier that locks in moisture and nutrients so your skin stays hydrated for longer. Non greasy and suitable even for those with oily skin, it can be used in place of a primer, so foundation applies smoother and lasts longer. Perfect for daily use.

With Evening Primrose extract known for its anti oxidant and whitening properties, seaweed extract for its moisturizing and whitening properties, plant collagen and protein for its deep hydrating and anti-ageing properties, silicon for its ability to form a barrier and keep skin hydrated and protected from oxidation and Titanium Dioxide for its sun protection properties this water-based gel type moisturizer hydrates without leaving a greasy or shiny residue. Mad love for all of these and can’t wait for my June appointment.

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