LGG6 – The Big Screen that Fits

Ever felt yourself wanting more out of your phone’s camera? I mean we’re so reliant on technology these days’ arent we – yet for most of all ladies, all we ask for is a phone with a good camera lol.

Have you also wondered what goes into each and every phone – frankly it has never crossed my mind, most of the time – it’s always about the camera! But so so much more goes into it, I’m guilty in fact of under utilizing my phone’s functions sometimes but hey it was a personally eye opening experience for me when I was at the launch of the LGG6 last week.

The hardware – such as screens: Whether to be curved or flat, the size of the screen, how it fits in to your palm , how it affects muscle usage levels, and the rate of task completion were some of the things that the R&D team looked into when designing the G6.

Turns out research showed that the perfect phone is one that fits into your palm, has a flat screen and a very specific screen size.

It is also sealed against dust and water resistant up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes – yes! I brought it onto a water street slide and slid into the water with no issues!

LGG6sg lgg6 april qualcomm dual rear cameras

Let’s have a look at the phone – its available in Iced Platinum, Mystic White, Astro Black2017-04-05 22.12.35

I got the iced platinum Korea edition set for a review and first looks which fares well when it comes to being finger print resistant.

It also looks like dual rear cameras are the way to go for mobile phones these days! The LGG6 comes with a groundbreaking18:9 Screen aspect ratio which allows users live review of photos while shooting images.

For selfie fans the phone’s front facing camera has skin tone, lighting and filters to help you get the selfie of your dreams. And the fun thing, you can turn on the gesture or voice shutter and have the phone take photos ever so conveniently for you or shall i say hands free :)


lg g6 selfie skintone light filter

lgg6 voice shutter

For foodies: The G6 has a food mood – that has a white balance slider , and lighting slider that made food noticeable more delicious looking. – here’s a really quick comparison. Even the table looks better already lol.  LG G6foodmodeLGG6 food mode on wagyu

Food mode Lgg6

lgg6 singapore signature

You also have the convenience of adding a watermark to your photos! And several other camera modes.

The LGG6 features 2 x 13MP rear cameras by Sony, and a front facing camera that has 5MP. The wide angle camera is a god sent with its 125 degree field of view which makes it a breeze to capture landscapes, or even big groups of people.wide angle 120degrees g6 wide angle mode

LGG6 wide angle street slide lgg6 landscape

Lgg6 wide angle front camera

Those wide-angle images bump to 125-degree field of view — an increase that works best when capturing things like landmarks and landscapes. The front-facing camera also features a similar wide-angle option capable of 100-degree field of view shots.

The highlights of G6 includes the Snap shot, Match shot, Grid shot and Guide shot features.

Snap shot  Because of the 18:9 ratio, this enables users to splits the screen into two, with the upper half used as the active camera window while the bottom half allows you to preview the photo that you’ve just taken for easy comparison/or just efficiency you know?

Lgg6 snapshot mode

Match shot allows you to get creative by matching disparate photos, such as the wings of a bird to the tail of an airplane.

Grid shot where you can directly form a collage made up of four quadrants with photos and video contents without any third-party apps. Think of it as a moving collage of images heh.

Guide shot {NEW} that act as a guide for the next shot which matches the composition of a chosen image at different settings . AKA the copycat mode lol , this is where you can save an image of a photographer that you really look up too, or just something that you like, lol and then have it on your screen while you try to replicate the  shot for yourself.

lg g6 matchshot

All in all – this phone has worked well for me but photos tend to be a little grainy on both front and rear cameras in certain dark indoor areas or low light conditions. Battery life was good and you get a 50% charge done in just 30minutes, i really welcomed the waterproof function knowing how paranoid I am with having split drinks on my devices such as my laptop before, or just knowing full well that I can take my phone to the beach or for a swim and go trigger happy with it.

I did find the price a little steep – pretty much on par with most of other new phone launches this month.

The LGG6 will be made available 14th April 2017 and will retail for $988 at M1, Singtel, Starhub and authorized retailers. Here are the early bird perks:

  • Get an extended 12 month warranty making it 24months! Nice!
  • And get a free flip case worth $58 with each purchase.
  • M1 customers can enjoy up to S$200 off LG G6 when they sign up for selected Fibre broadband and mobile plans at the same time.
  • Singtel customers can get a Free LG 43″ 4K UHD TV worth $1,388* when they complete their Singtel Circle with a LG G6 purchase (Combo 3 and above plans) and recontract or subscribe to Singtel Fibre Broadband or TV. Simply visit any Singtel Shop or sign up online at singtelshop.com
  • StarHub customers who sign up for a 2-year HomeHub Go 1Gbps plan with LG G6 will receive a FREE LG 43” 4K UHD TV worth S$1,388*.