The FACE Inc Primer Mist: Instant Hydration and Tightening

Face inc starter kit essentialsFACE inc launches a face mist that firms and hydrates in just 15 seconds, this formulation gives users the benefits of priming, hydration and tightening all at once, packaged to fit even the smallest of purses, the spray bottle comes with 2 refills.

Primer mist

The Primer Mist is a lightweight hydration face mist that works instantly to hydrate, smooth and tighten skin in 15 seconds.  This mist spray boosts the skin’s natural hydration with high performance ingredients such as Soybean and Mushroom and Aloe derivatives, as well as Niacinamide and Allantoin, delivering an all-day moisturised feel and plump appearance. Ideally for use before make up, this formula improves and refreshes skin, providing anti aging hydration on the go.

To use just hold the spray 8-10 inches away from your skin and spray gently over face. I tested this on my bare face in the evening, it does smells pleasant and absorbs fast, I will test it once more with make up to see if it helps my make up stay on longer.

FACEINC primer mist

Here’s what a one time spray dispenses. I’m not sure if I overdid it but it took like 5-6sprays to feel like i’ve covered my whole face. The mist was really fine :)

FACEinc inspired by skin

I did instantly feel some sort of tingling sensation upon spritzing it on! FACE inc primer mist

The Primer Mist retails for $68 at Sasa
The box contains 15ml x 3 [2 of which are refills and 1 which is the mist spray holder] If you ever lose the holder, you can still spray with the refills!
I do love the size of the product, it’s small and sleek, and the nozzle reveals upon swiveling. Also the product also doesn’t weigh down on your skin nor feel sticky, in fact, it absorbs so fast, its almost like you’ve nothing on. Except that if you compare this to normal say spring water mist, this probably has more benefits and beneficial ingredients. I’ll probably be heading to Pulau Ubin for abit next week with some friends and i’ll be bringing this along to help us cool down in the hot weather.

Upcoming reviews: FACEInc’s Eyelift and Face Inc’s starter kit which will be perfect for my upcoming March Trip to Tokyo!

Created by dermatologists and researchers, Eye Lift’s advanced formula works by almost immediately restoring your skins lost collagen. A proprietary blend of botanical extracts enhance the effects of the serum including: Glycine Soja which smoothes and tighten skin; Perfeline which helps reduce dark circles and puffiness; while Vitamin C, a natural anti-oxidant, reduces inflammation, softens fine lines and wrinkles and noticeably tones the skin. Further infused with peptides, Eye Lift also refines pores, improves skin hydration and boosts elasticity. The skin around the eyes is thin, delicate and sensitive, and deserves extra care!

Retail Price: S$138.00, available in selected Sasa stores.

Enjoy 20% off your purchase from Enter discount code Eyelift20.

Offer valid through 7 February 2016. Free shipping.

Skininc eyelift skininc 30seconds eyelift SKIN inc eye lift skininc starter kit essentials

The starter kit comprising of four best-selling items from the brand’s range of proprietary treatment skincare products,each product is in an airline friendly size of 10ml :) It is priced at $38.

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Runway ready nails and protected and restored feet – CND and Allpresan

Level up your hands and feet with CND and Allpresan – now available in Singapore brought to you by United Nails Supply.

Did you know 2 in 5 customers have foot ailments such as calluses, fungus or peeling skin which most just ignore not knowing what the appropriate solution is? Seeing the need in the Southeast Asian Market, the lady boss of United Nails Supply,Ms Pat Lim would let you that Allpresan is here to save your feet .

Due to our humid weather and monsoon seasons, our feet become perfect breeding grow for nail fungus. Preventing toenail fungus may not be at the top of your to-do list, but perhaps it should be. Fungi are nearly everywhere in our environment, and they particularly love dark, moist, warm places, like inside your shoes. At this point while I am writing this, I am myself a victim for the darn toe nail fungus. I’ve discovered it for a month now and been treating it for 5 weeks!It seems to have resolved but I am still applying castellani paint on my nail just to keep it at bay for another month perhaps.

The good news is you can prevent it! Prevention is always better than having to treat it which can be costing and time consuming. The Allpresan PRO footcare range features patented breathable BarriorExpert Foam Cream Technology to protect your skin by creating a fine protective mesh on your skin that strengthens the skin barrier.Product-gallery_600

Extracted from an article on everyday health:

The wrong footwear can also take a toll on your toes. If toenails are traumatized by pressure from ill-fitting shoes, for instance, they’re weakened and more susceptible to fungus.

Toenail fungus can cause nails to become thick, discolored, and brittle. If the nail becomes thickened, it can be painful and cause pressure on the underlying nail bed. Your nail bed can develop an ulcer, especially as you age and the pressure increases. Toenail fungus can even cause the toenail to crumble and separate from the nail bed which can be very painful and lead to difficulty walking. HORROR OF HORRORS

I was recommended these two products from Allpresan to combat nail fungus and to keep my shoes sanitized.

2016-12-14 15.32.52
Read more about how you can prevent toenail fungus

I also got to try the CND Shellac system which lasted a remarkable over 14 days – its as strong as gel polish with very high performance . Doesn’t chip uet has a mirror shine, and its also really easy to remove. No buffing required, just straight to the soak off. I was really impressed by this. CND Shellaac also boasts 102 designer shades and has been worn by Rihanna!


CND Shellac is available at the following: These salons are ran by United Nails Supply

M Spa @ Tanglin Mall #03-19 [this is where I got mine done! Loved it, apparently Charlie Yeung the actress sat beside me that day lol]
Manicure Room @ Nex #01-48
Shangri-La Nail Spa @ Chua Choa Kang Lot 1 #02-01
M Nail Bar @ Chua Choa Kang Lot 1 #02-K9
Princess Manicure @ West Mall #05-07
This was my pedicure which I kept on for a month.This was done on 14 December along with my CND Shellac manicure.  And the next photo was me removing it by doing a DIY soak off for myself on the 13th of January. Easy Peasy! I used regular gelish remover, prepared some aluminium foil and cotton wool, and soaked it for about 10mins that’s it. I didn’t need to buff off the top coat, I just went direct to the soak off and everything came off easily with some light scrapping after.

CND ShellacCND shellac easy removal

Pardon my really dry nails – guess i shouldnt keep my nail polish on for an entire month lol.



TRESemmé Expert Selection: Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength

My Pet and I swear by TRESemmé Expert Selection: Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength lol , ok just kidding! Here’s my unwilling cat, subjected to my many cuddles and manhandling #poorkitty. This was back in November when my hair was Rapunzel length and took perhaps 6 hours to dry.
2016-11-04 22.06.00

For those who haven’t tried TRESemmé  – TRESemmé is a brand of shampoo that’s super affordable and something I’ll be inclined to use everyday actually. If you’ll like to give it a testdrive , you can do so at The First Exclusive TRESemmé Salon in Singapore – Artisan hair which is located at Holland Village :)

See a common problem bloggers face because we love to change our hair color all the time – ranges from dryness, frizz, to chemically and heat damaged hair – so inspired by salon keratin treatments TRESemmé Keratin Smooth’s gentle formulation is infused with Keratin to reduce frizz , it’s low in sulfates and is said to control frizz for up to 48hrs.

Joey and I were the hair models on the day of the media launch and i’m glad to say the shampoo made my hair manageable and really light.

On the other hand the TRESemmé platinum strength is a shampoo designed to help fortify and strengthen weak hair, the shampoo repairs up to 2 year of damage in just 5 washes.

They retail from between $11.50 to $13.90 which is really affordable! TRESemmé  Expert range will be sold exclusively at all Guardian Health & Beauty stores.

TRESemmé Expert Selection- Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength

2016-11-04 16.17.12

Pardon my creepy face – I don’t take alot of selfies!! And when I do it without a friend or my cat, I turn out looking like that hahahaha.


2016-11-04 17.53.57

Here’s a better shot – since I’ve Joey and Sylvia with me!

TRESemmé Expert Selection- Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength

The goodie bags we got during the launch2016-11-04 17.44.42 2016-11-04 17.53.31

And a parting shot: ) 2016-11-04 17.29.47lr

#NOTD for Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year draws closer, I decided on a whim to head to JB with mom for some shopping and a manicure. I’ve never done a manicure there before but a friend had recommended Nails Studio which has a branch in Johor Bahru City Square as well as KSL.

Well my first thoughts(perhaps because their surcharges had already kicked in) was wow it’s pricy. The gel manicure and pedicure cost MYR $190 on its own, and I had to top up MYR $20 for a soak off , as well as MYR $170 for the nailart. While i felt a little ripped off, I guess, I’ll know better next time and to choose from their catalogues instead of using my own nailart pictures. Most of the catalogues showed nail art that was about MYR $100 – alot less than the $170 I paid for. Me thinks : I could have gotten a manicure done in Singapore for the same price since i paid MYR $380 for it.

I was told on a normal day without surcharge it would be closer to MYR $250.

The shop was bustling from the moment we arrived, (around 1130am), and closer to 2pm we were finally done with our manicures. Mom’s manicurist took a whole lot more time, lol, I’ll probably stick to having my manicures done in Singapore since I am more used to the service levels here. I’m not sure if they take appointments as most people there were walk-ins. Some people had tried to walk in at 2pm and were told the wait will be till 6pm. *Gasp* so my advice to anyone who wants to do a manicure would be to get to the mall in the morning and do it before shopping. The nail tech had asked my mom if she wanted to top up MYR $5 or was it $6 for quick dry top coat or something but I told my mom it wasn’t necessary. Turns out, the time the manicurist took to do the nailart, gave mom lots of time for her nails to dry sufficiently without the quick dry as I’ve predicted.


Johor bahru city square nails studio

Personally i felt the manicurist in JB were a little rough, they had filed so close to my skin that i felt rough abrasions and was half the time wondering if my skin was going to break, and despite me and my mom’s feedback to them, they continued or rather went on with their rough filing lol. I’m glad we survived -_-

I chose the broken glass effect nailart, and to have the fortune cat painted on my digits. While i love the nailart, I’ll probably take my business somewhere else lol.

CNY nailart2017-01-24 17.17.11

We spent the rest of the afternoon with me batting my period cramps for an hour [i was struck with a sudden migrane] and the rest of the time, we spent buying some CNY snacks , cakes such as the MIKA swissroll which was about $15.90 each and the Lavender bakery Kueh Lapis  MYR $43 i think and Hanjuku cheese cake $23.80 for 6pcs! [all of which were very yummy]. So despite the debilitating headache or can i say Migrane that I had, we did have some fun and I’ll love to go back on another weekday.

I had gone to KSL back in december and it was a rather boring mall – although there were lots of Nail salons there!

This round, my mom and I managed to get tickets for the 5pm train ride from JB back to SG and my gosh was it a huge time saver! Tickets were $5 ringgits per person, and the ride was just about 5mins minus the crowd from the usual customs. I guess i’ll be back there soon lol.

Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque at EHA Clinic

While a salad is great for your gut, how about some greens for your face too?

Introducing the SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque, a jar of green goodness

This jade green colored treatment mask is clinically proven to calm, soothe and replenish reactive skin. Its gentle formula cools on contact to comfort skin sensitivity and restore the complexion’s natural radiance and smoothness. This cooling mask is said to reduce redness, discomfort and heat in post-procedure skin. Example: Post Laser. Use it daily, and don’t forget the sunscreen too . I personally have been using The 24hr EHA sunshield, so light,perfect and lasting! corrective masque skinceuticals masque

  • It contains a unique blend of cucumber, thyme and olive extracts soothe and comfort skin, it smells somewhat minty to me.
  • It contains a calming dipeptide helps reduce heat sensitivity, so if you’re like me your skin flushes when you’re hot or overly cold this masque will come in handy.
  • It contains Hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates your skin

skinceuticals phyto corrective masque

My thoughts when I tried it:

The masque goes on smooth and comfortably, its cooling and soothing instantly, and smells very herbal. In fact it smells minty – possibly from the thyme. Coupled with the EHA facial, it was a very pampering experience. Quite possibly, the 60ml jar that retails at $89 would be able to last perhaps 2 months or even 3, as i didn’t need a very thick layer to cover my entire face.

While I had some clogs and hence extraction was done on my face during the facial, the redness from my skin had disappeared by the evening. And you really can’t tell on the next day so that’s good :)2016-12-08 18.46.04 2016-12-08 18.44.58

2017-01-18 13.24.26

Put your best face foward! P.s sometimes has product sample giveaways or promotions so check there if you’re keen!

The Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective masque is clinically tested effective post-procedure:

  • -20% reduction in visual redness
  • -47% reduction in discomfort
  • -5°F average reduction in skin surface temperature

The masque can be purchased at EHA,

1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre Singapore 228208
EHA Skincare (#03-28)

Read more about the ingredients on

Mummyfique turns 1 – guess who sponsored the kids craft booth and balloon sculpting!


Online mummy magzine/store
Has just turned 1 so my company came on board as a sponsor for their party! 

We sponsored the gold and silver tattoos for both the kids and adults. 2016-12-10-16-15-31

The various balloon sculptures for the kiddos


The minion balloon has to be one of the most intricate sculptures requested that day heh.

2016-12-10-16-02-02 2016-12-10-16-37-12

The kiddos and their parents and helpers were all kept busy lol with our variety of kids craft from keychain painting to rainbow scratch art cards all with xmas designs!    2016-12-10-17-00-52 2016-12-10-16-37-28


Hosted at the beautiful VLV bar <3

Thanks Melissa for getting in touch with us, met so many old friends like Tinoq ,Katherine and Valerie – such a nice place to play catchup

Mini Xmas Trees

2016-12-08-23-08-30 2016-12-08-22-42-41-2

Something cute and fun for the occasion!  One’s a gift from my husband lol and another from Joey :) xx


The first one was the Elfie which he purchased from and the other Joey got it from takashimaya i think heh

Far East Floral – Fresh cut wholesale flowers great for xmas decorating!


Here’s a floral wreath i DIY-ed for my mom after a trip to far east floral last week.
It was constructed mainly from Kenya roses, various types of eucalyptus leaves, wax flowers and  gold pine cones.

I hope they dry well :) not sure how long it will last as this was just a personal project/ experiment. hehe
In case you’re thinking of dropping by! here’s what you can get from

Fresh Cut Flowers Wholesale @ Far East Flora, Thomson Road


Roses, spray roses, 2016-12-07-18-46-37

Mini xmas trees!2016-12-07-18-47-08

Fresh pine xmas wreath – ready made hence just accessorize it. This will stay green for a long time, doesn’t really shed , hence its super lasting! PRice is great too.


This smells lovely too  – its a smaller wreath and i was so tempted to buy it! 2016-12-07-18-47-33

There were also mini xmas trees!Going for about $70,

The larger xmas trees are about $200 and up.


I love Cotton flowers! 2016-12-07-18-49-00

There’s also dried lavender

Hairstyling tips from Song Hye kyo

Many of us desire smooth and bouncy curls, but it can be challenging to give yourself a professional blowout at home.

Global technology company Dyson has released a video of Korean Wave actress Song Hye-Kyo, revealing her secrets of the perfect home blow-out. The video is now live on the official Dyson Facebook page ( A director’s cut will be exclusively available on the official Dyson website (

Watch Song Hye-Kyo introduce her secret hair styling tips using Dyson Supersonic™, and hear it from the lady on how to use the different attachments to achieve silky and voluminous hair.


Step 1 : High heat and high airflow setting, without any attachments

The powerful airflow of Dyson Supersonic blows straight to the roots speeding up the hair drying time.


To achieve some lift, you can use the diffuser with the lowest heat setting to brush the root of the hair upwards. This creates volume.


Step 2: Medium heat and high airflow setting, smoothing nozzle

When your hair is half dry, you can clip on the smoothing nozzle on the Dyson Supersonic and dry your hair downwards. The very strong airflow closes the cuticles, making your hair silky and shiny.


Step 3: High heat and high airflow setting, Styling nozzle

When your hair is around 80% dry, you can change to the styling nozzle. With a more narrow opening, the airflow and heat are more concentrated. This maks it easier to achieve Song’s signature lose curls.


Step 4: Cool shot and low airflow setting, disffuser

Last but not least, you should use the cold shot mode with the diffuser on to set the style so that it will last for the whole day.